Today the phrases “Voice of the Customer” and “Age of the Customer” come up as topics of discussion in almost every business conversation. We are informed by sources that these concepts are of extreme importance to understanding how to conduct business today. But do we truly understand what they mean?

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Gartner defines the “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) as a solution combining multiple technologies associated with the capture, storage and analysis of direct, indirect and inferred customer feedback. Businesses use tools such as social media monitoring, feedback management systems, voice analytics, data mining and web analytics to determine a holistic view of their customer’s voices. It is important to stop conducting business based on the inside-out principles and start solely conducting it based on outside-in. Putting the needs of the customer first leads to a well-rounded and poignant business strategy. Business communication is no longer a one-way channel – if one person shares, the entire world will see.

Age of the Customer

The “Age of the Customer” is a concept adopted by many businesses globally, highlighting that we live in a society where consumers are more empowered than ever. Consumers have even greater accessibility to information and feedback about products and services – all they have to do is access Google and a fountain of information is at their fingertips. The traditional ways of conducting business no longer only champion the company, but now primarily and often solely encompasses the consumer’s needs, wants and desires.

We are aware that the VoC is critical to success, and that we live in the “The Age of the Customer”. It is important to not forget that we also live in “The Age of Innovation”. With advancements in technology occurring so rapidly and frequently, businesses need to constantly be aware of, listen out for and be ready to adopt new technologies. The new technology may not be what you need today, but it will be what you need tomorrow. The future is around the corner – adopt innovation because if you don’t, your competitors will.


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