On Hold Services

Generally, Captivate Connect has a solution for most phone systems or is able to create a tailored solution to work your system with varying degrees of compatibility. Captivate Connect engineers work with most phone system applications to provide the deviceless solution whenever possible. Please feel free to contact us to find the solution that best works for you.

If your phone system has a firewall, Captivate Connect will provide the exceptions you need to add to your firewall on request.

To be able to provide daily updates to your on hold system, the microbox does require internet access. However, due to daily updates downloading just after midnight, no streaming audio is chewing up bandwidth.

Of course! During the production phase the Captivate Connect team will insert the daily news items in between each promotional message to break up continuous business information without disrupting audio flow. Please keep in mind that while most modern phone systems allow this solution, some do not. Simply check with a Captivate Connect team member to see if your phone system is compatible.


Absolutely! Head over to our Music On Hold page and browse just some of the various genres Captivate Connect has available. If you are having difficulties selecting a track, our friendly production team can help you decide on the most suitable music for your on hold audio.

Yes! Simply visit our Voice Over page, browse the library of voice over artists, and select the voice or voices that match the sound of your business. If you can’t decide or are feeling a little overwhelmed, one of our friendly staff members can help provide voice over recommendations suitable to your business.

Definitely! The Captivate Connect team encourages client input to guarantee cohesive brand messaging and the production of high quality, informative audio.

Absolutely not! The team at Captivate Connect aims to always provide prospective clients with a completely custom on hold sample to demonstrate quality and reassure prospective clients that they are selecting a company that values providing exceptional customer experience.

Typically, the Captivate Connect professional script writing team will have the first draft of your on hold script to you within one working day.