Custom On Hold Music

In a world of rapidly changing consumer behaviour, one thing that will never change is the universal disdain for being on hold. Traditional on hold music is boring, repetitive, and never changing. Continual stale elevator tunes with a few “we appreciate your call’s” thrown in for good measure is the standard in the industry. This has been done before, and customers have had enough.

Rather than allow your customers to waste their time waiting, delight them with interactive features and exclusive service offerings that they have never seen before. Keep your callers engaged from the second they put their phone to their ear.


A unique, self-service-based solution developed by Captivate Connect that can be adapted to meet the needs of contact centres.

It allows waiting callers to self-select a channel of their preferred music genre, podcast, or quiz while they wait, and that’s just the beginning of what the Jukebox can do. Check out our demo!


A dynamic start point- an exclusive service developed by Captivate Connect, ensures that each time a customer is placed on hold, or transferred, they will always hear a new message, audio snippet, or updated content item.

Choice of On Hold Music

With a wide range of music to choose from, you can give your customers the most up to date offerings on the market. Choose from a genre here or chat to a staff member to find the option that is right for you.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! A contact centre in the US added an optional Jukebox channel for pure silence so people can work while they wait. A major US football team uses Jukebox to allow callers to listen to their player bios. The sky is the limit with our on hold music solutions. It is time to move on from the obsolete monotony of the traditional on hold world and get with the innovative service that rewards customers and businesses alike.


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