Messages on hold provide a golden opportunity to strengthen brand awareness and effectively communicate key information to your waiting callers. They’re delivered as unique experiences to encourage caller engagement and improve the overall customer experience.

Traditional on hold messaging is boring, repetitive, and never changing. Continual stale elevator music mixed with a few “we appreciate your call’s” thrown in for good measure is the standard. This has been done before, and customers have had enough.

Messages On Hold Features

Give your waiting callers the ability to leave their number to request a call back, should the wait exceed a specified time.

Offers valuable insight into your phone channel’s strengths and weaknesses. Know how long callers are waiting for, track how many callers were placed on hold, and monitor how long your most patient caller waited with data analytics for your phone system.

Sound as good as your business looks! With a diverse range of languages and accents to pick from, you will find the voice that best suits your business.

Tailor general knowledge questions to your industry, and intersperse these with questions on purchase intent, buying habits, and demographic information.

Need to update your on hold messages? Contact your account manager and within one business day your new messages will be ready to go.

Captivate Connect content automatically updates daily, providing callers with fresh and relevant information whenever they call. No need to do anything yourself!

Want to get your content in the hands of your customer? Send a brochure, catalogue, or product link directly to their phone!

Daily Content Updates

Keep callers engaged for longer with relevant, fresh, and fast daily content items. Choose from a variety of topics including headlines, finance, sport, comedy, fun facts, and more. 

These content items are professionally recorded in house, and remotely uploaded to your phone system for optimal efficiency. Intersperse these content items alongside your messages on hold to ensure that customers are staying engaged.

Daily Content (*Interactive Plan only)

Weekly Content (*Premium and Interactive Plans only)

Exciting, innovative, and exclusive features have been designed in house, each working towards a common goal – exceeding all customer expectations.

With a range of voiceover talent and over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Captivate Connect are the experts in On Hold Messaging solutions for businesses worldwide. Let us help you in building brand awareness, credibility and loyalty, and create an experience for your customer that exceeds their expectations.

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