A Simpler Better Smoother customer experience


Exciting, innovative, and exclusive features have been developed by Captivate Connect, each with a common goal – exceeding all customer expectations. 

Traditional on hold messaging is boring, repetitive, and never changing. Continual stale elevator music with a few “we appreciate your calls” thrown in for good measure is the standard in the industry. This has been done before, and customers have had enough.

Let creative thinking define the on hold experience. Give your callers the respect they deserve.


Enjoy On Hold.

Exclusive features designed in-house by our team of telephony experts


The Jukebox solution allows for customers to self-select their favourite way to engage while they wait. Choose from a variety of music genres, informational podcasts, or even a quiz! No more elevator music sending callers to sleep.

Data Reporting

Captivate Connect’s reporting features offer valuable insight into your phone channel. Monitor caller behaviour with data analytics for your phone system.

Daily Content

Keep callers engaged for longer with relevant, fresh, and fast daily content items. Choose from a variety of topics including news headlines, weather, finance, sport, and more.


Each time a caller is put on hold, the audio will begin from a different point. This ensures that the audio is fresh rather than grating and repetitive.

Call Back

Give your waiting callers the ability to leave their number to request a call back, should the wait exceed a specified length of time.

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide
A-List Villas & Chalets
Luxury European Accomodation

When A-List Villas was formed in 2018 in the United Kingdom and France, we knew that our very discerning clientele would expect the best at every touchpoint with our business. After extensive global research, we discovered the best customer experience on any telephone service was from Captivate Connect. A few online meetings later, the Captivate team had the system set up and all recordings completed in English and French. Captivate Connect is the best company in the world in the telephone and recording space. To impress your customers – call Captivate Connect.

City of Stirling
Local Government Area

Over two years ago, the City awarded the contract to Captivate due to their great customer service, value for money and quality of work. The turnaround times are particularly appreciated, given that we often need to change messages quickly to suit the current environment. The customer service has been exceptional and we have been able to rely on Captivate and have peace of mind that our customers will receive the right messages.

Real Estate Services

Captivate Connect have always given a first class service, their staff are always willing to help and are constantly looking for ways to improve their service to clients. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them as a quality service provider.


Get Paid Sooner

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every moment counts. That’s why Captivate Connect are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary solution designed to streamline the customer onboarding process and get you paid sooner. Imagine reducing the waiting

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Recruitment In Australia right now, the market for some staff is red hot. Finding and retaining staff for your business is about being in the right place in their heads when the time is right.

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Consulate Offices

Consulate Offices When an International Consulate is overwhelmed with requests from travellers seeking visas and foreign nations resident in Australia wanting to renew their passports – their phones rang to meltdown. Staff were exhausted and

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