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Why Improve Customer Phone Experience?

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Customer Experience is the newest frontier for business success in 2018.

Traditionally businesses fill their phone call waiting time with a series of on-hold phone audio such as on-hold messages or on-hold music, talking at them. Universally this messaging is perceived as boring, unchanging and repetitive, poor customer experience. For many years Captivate has delivered messages interspersed with daily updated “radio style” content like news & sports headlines, finance and currency rates and more.


While messages and music on hold improved a business phone caller’s customer experience, it was still only a one way conversation.

Captivate have developed an easily implemented business phone solution that engages callers in a conversation.
In its most simple form, phone callers to your business/organization listening to call waiting options can engage in an interactive:

Watch videos on-hold
Select a favorite music
Choose a podcast to listen to
Listen to radio style news

At its most sophisticated the quiz is personalised and the podcasts are created. Callers are directed online to complete the quiz or download the complete podcast.  Responses and selections are passed to the business with the phone callers mobile number.

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