In business, we know the old adage of what gets rewarded gets done. Another truism is what is measured can be improved. It’s simple to measure the output, the sales, the logistics and cash flows, these are system and procedure-based functions without which a business would fail.

We can measure the IQ of our staff and customers. What is more difficult to measure is the EQ, and the hardest of all is to measure the emotional attachment of our customers to our brand or business. There are known correlations between the feelings of customers and their stickiness to the brand. Apple is a great example. Apple has invested millions in creating relationships with their customers, subliminally reinforcing Apple users to believe they are superior because they are Apple customers. It is the feeling and emotional connection which supports the brand.

Is a Rolls-Royce car that much better than its competitor? The looks that you get when you drive a Rolls Royce down the street tells you – yes, it is. It is that feeling and emotional connection that a Rolls driver enjoys that makes them loyal, despite price barriers.

Does your brand enjoy that now? How can you measure emotional connection to set the benchmark? How can you become more in tune with your customers? Measure and analyse their emotions, test, and test again, making improvements every step of the way.

Measure, Analyse, Improve.

There are several ways to do this, but what would work best for your business?

You could send out a survey which is generally completed by the happy 1.5% and grumpy 1%.

You could employ a PR firm to conduct focus groups of sample customers.

Perhaps you could measure the customer sentiment of all the customers that call your business. With Captivate Connect, you can use our AI to record and report on these interactions to establish the sentiment of your callers. You can monitor competitor brand names mentioned, you can monitor your team member’s phone demeanour, or monitor any swear words used. You can measure sales and support call durations, and understand the needs of your staff- do they need more coaching? More resources?

You have a benchmark.

Then, begin making improvements. Since you are now looking for ways to improve the Customer Experience, start with the phone system. Walk in the shoes of the customer, call your own business and pretend to be a random caller. Is your IVR system easy to follow? Does the Hold music excite you? Do your on hold messages add value to a customer’s call? Could you offer the customer a callback, rather than an extended wait?

If not – are you truly interested in the caller?

With over 3000 businesses using Captivate in 5 continents, our research has shown that every business with 5 to 500,000 staff makes people wait for an average of 53 seconds per call.

Listen to Opus 1 or Vivaldi 4 seasons for 53 seconds once and it’s not so bad. Listen to it any more in a day and you lose it!

Measure, Analyse and Improve. Keep up with your competitors who are doing so already. Contact Captivate Connect to start this process today.


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