In an age of market oversaturation and competition galore, just one experience can be the difference between keeping or losing a valuable customer. Detailed in their 2020 CX trends report, Zendesk reported that “Roughly half of customers say they would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. In the case of more than one bad experience, that number snowballs to 80%.”

Think about every touchpoint a customer has with your business. While this differs based on business offerings, every company has a target audience, and customer service is key. How can we inspire customer loyalty and a positive brand image when everyone is trying to do the same thing?

Make every touchpoint count. Just as you wouldn’t let a customer feel dismissed should they be sitting directly in front of you, you need to let them know that their time has value in the digital customer service setting. Many brands play the same thirty seconds of generic elevator music, with sporadic interruptions letting the customer know that ‘we value your time’, playing in an indefinite loop- you only need to check social media to see the frustration of waiting callers.

There are three options forward in the audio on hold space.

Do nothing, and continue running your business with no experience-boosting procedure in place for your phone-based customers. DIY a solution- record your own voice messages, input some royalty-free music, and let your customers know that ‘your call is important to us’. Or outsource to a professional, and open up your options with a strong focus on customer experience.

All on hold communications are produced in our state of the art recording studio. With a wide selection of music to choose from (commercial or royalty-free), and a diverse range of voice over talent, let us help you to find the voice of your business, and kick your customer experience up a notch. Present a professional and on-brand impression to your calling customers. Stand out from your competition by presenting your customer with freedom of choice. And as a result, reduce perceived wait times with Captivate Connect on hold solutions.

What will your customers remember as a positive experience? The ease of arranging for the company to call you back at a convenient time? The choice between music genres? Perhaps an interactive quiz ready to ask about your customer’s favourite pastimes? Only you know your customers. And Captivate Connect knows on hold- let us help you make every touchpoint count today.


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