Captivate Connect's Jukebox solution was implemented as a response to the constant on hold music complaints still experienced in businesses. The solution ensures the ultimate caller experience by allowing callers to self-select what they want to listen to. Therefore, businesses are not only placing the power in the consumers hands but effectively improving customer satisfaction at the same time. What better way to stop call wait music complaints when the choice of music is their own?

Captivate Connect will upload appropriate, commercial music genres every 3 months to ensure fresh, up-to-date music for callers to enjoy.


No matter how hard you try there will always be a large number of callers who detest call-wait music. And with these callers comes their confidence to express their feelings, especially, regarding a poor call experience online. A great risk as a negative post could permanently damage a businesses reputation. Investing in the Jukebox feature will strengthen brand reputation and improve customer experience.

The Jukebox feature is recommended for businesses with elongated call wait queues. Businesses with short to medium call wait times might prefer our QuizText InformationMusic or Messages features.

Jukebox Benefits