June 19, 2018

Phone Callers, Jukebox DJ

Let phone callers be the DJ!

Improve customer experience by allowing waiting callers to select their own music preference with Captivate Connect’s Jukebox feature.

The Jukebox feature delivers the ultimate caller experience. Allowing callers to select whether they want to listen to rock, pop, rap, dance, reggae or maybe even a little country and western, places the power in their hands. If there is a better way to stop call wait music complaints, we are yet to hear it!

Captivate Connect will upload appropriate, commercial music genres for your callers to choose from. The music tracks will be updated every 3 months to ensure fresh, up-to-date music that your callers will enjoy. Clients will need to hold an APRA license.

Why you need the JUKEBOX solution!

Captivate Jukebox interactive choice music hold

No matter how hard you try, how many focus groups you convene or how much external input you seek, there is always a large number of callers who detest call-wait music. And these callers aren’t hesitant to express their feelings and share their opinions, especially, when it regards a poor caller experience.

Investing in the Jukebox feature will strengthen your businesses brand reputation and improve customer experience. Market research indicates that callers are wanting choice, especially when it comes to waiting in extended call wait queues. Now, what caller can complain about call queue music when they’ve selected it themselves?

The Jukebox feature is not recommended for businesses with short to medium call wait times but for companies with elongated call wait queues. Businesses with medium phone call wait times would better suit our Quiz or Text me a Brochure features and those with short call wait times would better suit our Music, Promotions and Content feature.

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