Disrupting the On Hold Industry

Established in 1994, Captivate Connect has grown exponentially in the last twenty years, spanning continents and time zones to provide businesses with the best possible tools to captivate their callers on hold.

The on hold industry has been commoditised by big businesses with a focus on profit over customer experience. Until now, businesses had to put up with boring, repetitive, and never-changing audio- ‘time fillers’, and elevator music that adds to the growing frustration of callers in a queue.

Noticing the need for differentiation and innovation, Captivate Connect has developed and patented new technology that is setting the standard for the voice channel.

How Does This Benefit Your Business?

Consider the overall experience of your customer. How long is the average caller of your business waiting on hold? 30 seconds? 5 minutes? With Captivate Connect you can find out, and tailor an on hold messaging system to suit the needs of your customers. Positive customer experience in the voice channel leads to improved sentiment, and reduced perceived wait time. In turn, this allows for your staff to begin fresh with each caller in the queue. Instead of being disgruntled due to the same repeating 30-second elevator music file, callers will be energized after listening to their choice of music, news, and relevant messaging.

Not only do you receive actionable data on voice channel performance, but you also begin building a relationship with each one of your callers before they even speak to a member of your team. This improved customer experience generates increased customer loyalty, retention, and average lifetime value. Consequently, this leads to greater brand awareness and ROI.

What Does Captivate Connect Have Over Competitors?

In comparison to the competition, Captivate Connect shines. With self-developed fully deviceless technology, the Captivate On Hold solutions take the customer experience further than ever before. Daily updates streamed directly to your business phones allow for customers to hear the latest news stories, music, and finance news interspersed with your messages. The Captivate Connect Jukebox solution allows for customers to self-select their favourite genre of music to listen to while they wait. Chose from royalty-free or commercial tunes- no more elevator music sending them to sleep.

As mentioned above, Captivate Connect provides data reports of your on hold experience. This allows you to monitor hold times and plan forward to optimise the voice channel of your business.


Why settle for outdated technology when the most innovative solutions are here for the taking? Delight your callers with on hold solutions that improve customer experience and provide lasting benefits to your business.

Call (08) 9368 7500 for a free customised demo, or to find out more about how you can improve your business with Captivate Connect.


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