Google has recently announced the addition of a feature coming soon to the Australian market upon the release of their latest Google Pixel (6) called ‘Hold for Me’. Simply, it allows your phone to take over the tedious task of waiting on hold, a pain point for many. Call wait times have been exasperated during the Covid-19 pandemic, with companies allowing their wait times to oftentimes exceed an hour (just take a look at!).

While in the US this feature was launched in 2020, Perth based Captivate Connect has been working with leading contact centres in Australia and the USA to perfect the call wait experience for much longer. Captivate Connect took the traditional on hold perception of ‘boring, repetitive elevator music’, and moved forward with new, innovative ideas.

Rather than the Google solution of removing customers’ attention from the call completely, Captivate Connect has taken an approach to benefit businesses- of exceeding expectations, keeping customers engaged, and turning the traditional on hold experience upside down.

With the Captivate Connect on hold solutions, callers can be offered the option to listen to their choice of music from the Jukebox, to play a game and win a prize, to listen to an interesting podcast, or even wait in silence! Perhaps callers would rather listen to news stories, the weather, or finance updates? These options are chosen by the business to best reflect their customer needs and wants, and update daily to ensure relevancy.

By giving the caller the freedom to choose, Captivate Connect creates a personalised and engaging experience that reduces perceived wait times and adds overall value to the customer’s interaction with your business.

Let’s face it- the traditional on hold industry deserves its bad rap, and it is clear to see why companies such as Google are beginning to develop workarounds. However, on hold messaging provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to optimise their voice channel, gaining customer loyalty, engagement, and trust for the future. Support local and support the best; choose Captivate Connect.


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