How would you like your callers to feel when they interact with your business, or pick up the phone to contact you?

Would you prefer for them to feel at ease and friendly with your company, or perhaps professional and formal?

The main points to consider are;

  • Who are you, as a brand?
  • Who are your callers?

Your callers- your audience are the most important part of your business. Every business decision needs to be made with customer experience and outcomes in mind. If you speak to your customers in their language, they will respond.

Market Research;

What are your customer’s needs, wants, and demographics? What are the pain points faced by your customers? Why are your customers contacting YOU, over any other business? Identifying the challenges faced by your target audience, as well as your own point of market difference will help to construct a business voice.

Cohesion & Consistency;

It is imperative to keep your messaging cohesive, in line with your brand values and consistent so that your customer understands your business, and expects to be consistently met with high standards. In creating a strong and cohesive brand you give your company a personality, which in turn makes you more appealing to a customer.

According to research, 40% of customers are willing to give up on a product or service that they love if they lose trust in the company. Creating a meaningful, transparent relationship with each of your customers is more important than ever in an increasingly oversaturated market. Despite this, more and more companies are leveraging the power of brand loyalty, creating long-term relationships with their customers.


Whether you are in the business of having a more personal relationship with your customers, or you receive a high volume of new customers with similar purchasing habits, professionalism in your brand voice adds a layer of authenticity to your business. Just as one may react badly from getting a single word, misspelt email from a Gmail account in response to an enquiry (yes, this happened to me and I’m still in disbelief), calling a business’s phone number and hearing a muffled voicemail saying the name of said business and not much else can put a sour taste in the mouth of your potential customer. Your job is to inform, educate, and delight your customer- rather than dissuade them from using your service again.

Rather than a homemade voicemail, your customer could hear a professionally recorded message from an upbeat voice, informing them of your opening houses and website, while giving them the option to leave their number for a callback. These changes may seem simple, but they can make a large impact on the overall customer experience.


Choosing how to convey your brand to the world consistent develops to keep up with trends, appeal to new audiences, and adapt to new platforms. A brand’s voice, whether this be the tones and guidelines used when writing copy, or the actual voice artist who speaks to your customers on your voice channel is an important way to communicate with your customer, and build long term brand loyalists that stay for your incredible service, as well as your brand offering.

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