Captivate Connect exists to disrupt the traditional on hold service offerings with solutions to improve customer experience, as well as give businesses the option to stand out from the monotonous crowd. Traditional on hold is boring, repetitive, and has been done before. Callers have come to expect a royalty-free, uninteresting music track, interrupted every thirty seconds with a ‘we are busy, your call will be answered shortly’ before the same snippet of music plays again. And again, and again.

Forgotten how that sounds? Here’s a quick reminder.

Subjecting your callers to this for an extended period of time is a surefire way to lower their brand sentiment.

Being on hold often cannot be avoided. With higher call volumes, and lower amounts of staff, sometimes waiting in a queue is inevitable. But instead of repetitive, unprofessional noise that sends callers to sleep, excite and engage them with innovative technology to create a better customer experience.

Check out our case studies page as a reminder that being on hold does not need to be boring. Contact Captivate Connect today to receive a FREE demo for your business, personalised to your company and industry. Captivate works with clients all around the world to provide on hold solutions that exceed all expectations.