Think about the best customer service that you have received. How did it make you feel? Were you valued, as an individual? Did the service agent take the time to adequately give you all the information you needed? Was it in person, or over the phone? And how do you feel about that company now?

Chances are, your overall brand perception was increased due to the quality of your service. The same can be said in reverse- the worst customer experience you have had will negatively affect your overall business satisfaction.

Even if this poor service does not reflect any other experience with the company, it can cause irreparable damage. According to Zendesk’s 2020 study, half of customers say they would switch to a competitor after just one bad experience. In the case of more than one bad experience, the number climbs to 80%.

Constructing a top notch customer experience should be a priority for a business, and the best on hold messages are targeted, specific, and add value to a call experience.

In crafting the best on hold messages for your business, it is important to consider your industry and target audience. Take for example, retail businesses, local government, and property services.


Retail is a fast paced business environment where individual customer experience directly impacts brand image. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that can be extremely beneficial or detrimental to a business. When a retail customer calls a business, they usually have one question in mind- whether it be about stock, promotions, or location. Understanding and anticipating the customer’s needs allows for businesses to optimise their messages for the best possible experience.

Ideas for retail on hold messaging:
– Public Holidays and Opening Hours
– Company-wide promotions and sales events
– Deliver catalogue via text

Local Government

The local government sector has a focus on timely and efficient delivery of messages. Residents who call their local government will often have a question in mind before they pick up the phone, allowing for on hold messages to further educate the caller on events, services, and announcements.

Ideas for local government on hold messaging:
– Services provided (Bin days, bulk collections, recreational centres)
– Upcoming events
– Changes to rules and regulations.
– Public service announcements
– Office closure dates
– Upcoming elections

Property Services

Property services are often in high demand, with callers expecting timely and efficient service. On Hold Solutions can be utilised for promotional material in all aspects of property.

Ideas for property services on hold messaging:
– New property listings, home opens and auction dates
– Agent recognition
– Office closure dates
– Text a brochure of all available properties
– Information on interest rates, grants, and finance options

Ultimately, you know your company and audience better than anyone, and can use those valuable insights to create effective business decisions. To create the best on hold messages for your business, ensure you understand your customer’s needs, and tailor the experience they receive as soon as they pick up their phone.

Customer experience comes first- let it guide your decision making and creative choices. Find out more HERE, or call Captivate Connect at 08 9368 7500 for more!