Do you own or manage a business? Are you using analytics to measure the success of a social media campaign or the effectiveness of how your employees are managing sales, support or service calls? If not, you need to. Utilising analytics within all communication channels is vital to business success.

SAS defines analytics as “an encompassing and multidimensional field that uses mathematics, statistics, predictive modelling and machine learning techniques to find meaningful patterns and knowledge in recorded data”.

There are hundreds of companies analysing, transcribing and delivering analytical reports to businesses globally. For example, Google Analytics is a service delivering in-depth data on website traffic.

While there are many companies providing data on website and social media success, rarely do you find any offering accurate telephony analytics.

You may be thinking- what relevance is that to you, or what benefit would telephony analytics bring to your business? It is important to reinforce the relevance of telephony and remind you that utilising analytics within ALL communication channels is vital to business success!

There is not a single person that gets excited at the prospect of having to wait in a call queue. Alas, waiting is a fact of life – and it is every human’s reality. So why not turn an inevitable situation into a beneficial one for your business?

Captivate Connect provides all telephony analytics with their caller engagement solution. The data provided informs businesses on how long it takes to answer an inbound call, how long callers wait on hold, which employee keeps customers waiting for the longest, and so much more.

Consumers have an ever-growing need for options, to be in control, and to be as informed as humanly possible. We are living in the ‘Age of the Customer’. By gathering important data, we are giving consumers what they need to ensure our business success.

Utilising analytics to learn more about the functionality and efficiency of your voice channel will place your business leagues ahead of your competition. Continue to identify, understand and action the needs of your consumers to secure your business for the future.