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22 September 2022

Messages On Hold for Hosted IP

Captivate Connect continues to lead the world in the provision of advanced  music and messages On Hold solutions for  leading hosted IP Voice systems. Having developed a dynamic solution for Cisco BroadWorks which is used by many leading Telcos globally, we are pleased to announce that Cisco agreed to work with Captivate Connect engineers to integrate Captivate Connect into Webex Calling. This project is anticipated to be completed in Q4 2022. This announcement is as a result of many years of negotiations with Cisco, starting in Perth then to Sydney, Washington DC, Auckland and finally Belfast. Cisco is a truly global business and we are excited that we are now working with engineers in India, closer to our Australian time zone.


Music and messages on hold for Microsoft Teams

Another breakthrough from Captivate Connect is the automated service for Microsoft Teams telephony.  Captivate Connect is the world leader in that it has developed the software solution which can upload a new file into Teams call queues and the managed transfers on teams – meaning that every day callers to Teams will hear something different. You can search for Captivate Connect music or messages on hold on the Microsoft App directory.


Music On Hold for Genesys

Genesys is a world leading Voice platform used by many large call centres. Our accreditation is being processed and we are about to be added to their Genesys AppFoundry. More details will be announced shortly however Genesys resellers will soon find us on their AppFoundry.


What is our goal?

As businesses strive toward improving their customer experience, the voice channel has been ignored as the expectations of listening to boring music on hold is that of listening to the same boring and repetitious audio day in day out – sometimes for years!

The goal of Captivate Connect is to provide a service that makes waiting callers enjoy the wait. How? By providing what the research tells us they do want to hear and not providing the platitudes the industry calls ‘courtesy’ messages like having a machine tell them how important their call is!

Make Messages On Hold fun!

Every On Hold provider can write the copy, can access good voice actors and produce the recordings. The only difference between competitors is the technology. If your MoH service starts at the beginning each and every time a call is transferred or parked, you are subjecting that customer to frustration. Only Captivate Connect has developed this technology to change the audio every single day – automatically.

One of the most popular features offered only by Captivate Connect is content. In advertising – they say content is king.  Consider listening to a free commercial radio station. You put up with the advertising because the content is what you want to hear. That could be a song, the news, weather or sports updates or in some stations its talkback and opinions.  The problem with On Hold is that they use lift music, no-one wants to listen to lift music and the costs of licensing to play commercial music scares businesses away. Captivate has a range of content items that place the business advertisements into ‘prime time’ between the content items that are appropriate to your caller demographic.

You can listen to some examples on the Captivate Connect website.

For a copy of the summary of this research conducted by students of the University of Western Australia in 2021, email

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