Dynamic On Hold arrives

for Large Contact Centres

24 November 2022

The technology used by contact centres has until now restricted to ability to use the Call Wait time to communicate with callers and improve the Customer Experience.

Captivate Connect has developed the SaaS to integrate with Genesys to enable automated changes to the audio playing to waiting callers. 

Genesys is one of the world leaders in Contact Centre systems. The integration with Genesys and the inclusion of Captivate Connect on the Genesys AppFoundry herald a new opportunity for Genesys users to take advantage of any call wait time to advise callers of products relevant to them. Callers in an accounts payable queue want to have their problems solved. Callers waiting in the IT Support queue want to hear of any planned outages or solutions to save them time.

Callers in lengthy wait queues want to be able to select their own music, not be forced to listen to lift music.

The Captivate Connect Jukebox gives the caller choice and empowers them as consumers to self-select. They can play a quiz if they wish or listen to a podcast.



If your business model is such that you have to hold callers for lengthy times, Captivate Connect has the solution to reduce the perceived wait times by 33%.

Mark Horwood


1300 854 022

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