Enhance your Genesys system sale and increase revenue with every client with Captivate Connect.

In the commoditised Hosted IP world, you can create a competitive advantage, by adding a point of difference.

Create some stickiness with your business customer and increase revenue by adding Captivate Connect On Hold to every Genesys new sale or add value for your current Genesys users..

Benefits to the Genesys Partner

Enjoy commission for the lifetime of the customer! Captivate Connect retains customers for an average of 8.4 years and with a 30% commission for Genesys partners, even on the basic package you can earn upto US$2500. (Market dependent)

Each sale puts additional income directly into your pocket – simply sign up a customer, and pass them to Captivate. You make the deal, you make the money, Captivate does the work.

Benefits & Features for your Customer

  • Dynamic Music or Messages On Hold that change daily
  • Fully automated
  • Different audio start point every day
  • Daily updating content items (news, inspirations, historic facts and more!)
  • Includes Welcome and After Hours messages
  • Captivate Connect updates the audio file every night – automatically.
  • To hear examples and select VO talent click on the Music On Hold and Voice Over tabs.

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