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Transform your voice over need into a reality with Captivate Connect's professional voice over service.

Captivate Connect has been producing quality audio for radio advertising, on hold messages and instructional videos, just to name a few, since 1996. We supply our clients with high-quality voice over audio that is on brief, on time, and within budget and as an added bonus, we simplify the management process by writing, producing and managing all of your voice over scripts for you.

Captivate Connect has the capability to meet any voice over need. We produce audio for on hold content, radio advertising, television advertising, audio restoration, instructional videos, training videos, website productions, video productions, air checks, phone interviews and surveys, podcasts, showreels, and theatrical productions.

All voice over audio is collated and produced within our state of the art studio located in Burswood, Western Australia. The studio is equipped with an extensive sound effects library and enables client’s access to two royalty free music libraries with a combined total of over 30,000 tracks. With the help, knowledge, and expertise of our sound recording engineer and studio manager, Ray Clark, gain access to an array of affordable, talented and professional voice-over artists, globally. Ray has been in the Australian radio industry for almost 30 years producing content for over 10 radio stations and, as a testament to his extreme high-quality audio production, his work has been praised not only nationally here in Australia but worldwide with many international clients. This access allows the team here at Captivate Connect to offer prospective and current clients competitive and affordable voice over rates.