Captivate Connect's Welcome Message / IVR feature ensures your first impression always counts. We collaboratively work with you to improve, simplify, and streamline the call experience for all your inbound callers.  With our collection of professional voice over talent, we deliver personalized welcome messages to enhance customer experience and establish relationships. Immediately provide peace of mind that they've called the right business and impress them with a high quality service.

Welcome Message & IVR
Welcome Message & IVR Sound


Deliver a quality, personalized Welcome Message / IVR to introduce your business and impress inbound callers.

Listen to the demo below to hear how we make your first impression count!


Captivate Connect uses world leading voice recognition technology to identify voice response commands. We elevated and transformed the standard auto-attendant “Press 1 for sales” to a more efficient service for callers. This innovative solution allows inbound callers to direct their inquiry via voice commands, “say sales”. Thus creating a simple, user-friendly service to exceed caller’s expectations, enhance customer experience, establish loyal ambassadors, and increase profits.

This voice recognition technology extends through Captivate Connect’s suite of on hold audio solutions.

Voice Activated IVR