The Importance of Making People Feel Special

Customer Experience

September 13, 2018

Well, I guess I can tick that one off the experience list... I’ve officially attended one of “those” dinner parties. You know the one where the host is the only recognisable face in the room so everyone is associating with their partners only and the conversation isn’t rolling until the wine starts flowing.

So being the social butterfly I am, I challenged the elephant in the room and opened the conversation with a topic I’m very passionate about - customer experience (CX). I got the ball rolling with my recent country dining experience that I raved about in last week’s blog – subconsciously thinking this would lead the discussion in a positive direction. Boy was I wrong. There were only three other people who could recall a time where they experienced exceptional CX. This naturally caused the conversation to flat line and the elephant to stomp his way straight back into the room.  Yet I found myself sitting on the lounge not overly shocked with the response I heard.

There are so many opportunities available to businesses in 2018 to improve CX and yet these are ignored, deemed a waste of time, or not of high-priority. But I mean it’s the littlest things that can sometimes make the greatest difference right?

A newspaper the other day wrote an article about how a restaurant in the United States printed the names of guests and placed name tags on their reserved tables, rather than simply placing the metal reserved sign. With one restaurant even blue tacking “Reserved for Mr Blue” on a parking bay. Could you imagine how Mr Blue and his guests felt? Now, imagine how you would feel if a restaurant, beauty salon or barber did that for you?

For businesses, the cost of something simple like this is very little, but the reputation gained due to the high-level of CX is unparalleled. What other ways can a business make little improvements that have the potential to make a huge difference to their customers?

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