The Text Information feature is a marketing tool to get your brand in your customer's hand. With fewer people reading and watching advertising, businesses are looking toward new and unique solutions to help with marketing and promotion.

Our solution not only introduces a new medium for marketing but takes advantage of the growing use of and reliance on mobile phones by today's consumer. As the process is completely automated, effectively ensuring the time of both the business and the consumer is saved, valued and optimized.

Text Information

Text Information Benefits

Increase Brand Awareness

Receive Informed Callers

Increase Employee Efficiency

Customer Satisfaction

Automated Process

Data Retrieval

How It Works

While on hold, give callers the opportunity to receive more information about a played promotional message via text. The caller simply enters their mobile number and, instantaneously, they'll receive a text with a link to the brochure or video. For example, a car dealership introducing an upgraded vehicle to their fleet with all new features. The dealership can deliver an informative product brochure about the vehicle to any interested customer during the call wait time.

Please note: the solution will not end the phone call nor affect a caller's place in the call queue.