April 27, 2018

Phone Services


New Phone Audio Technology Telco Services, Business Improvement, Improving Customer Experiences

Captivate Connect assists business improvement on the phone channel by reducing caller frustration which causes phone call abandonment.
Boosting the Customer Experience (CX) of businesses during the phone call On Hold time is easy with Captivate’s new phone technology. Improve caller education and customer engagement by informing and entertaining phone callers waiting On Hold during phone call transfers with our affordable, innovative, new phone technology services listed below:

music on hold

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Delivering background music on hold, customized promotional messaging on hold and daily updating content.

phone messages service

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Customized, current messages that can be changed across multiple locations, automatically, at any time.

phone voice commands

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Meeting the demand for easier phone audio services, the device does not need to leave the ear to guide an enquiry.

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Send valuable information mid-call via text message. Helping to provide sales leads and product testing.

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For lengthy call queues, Jukebox allows callers to select their preferred music genre to listen to while they wait on-hold.

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Providing businesses with key data regarding customer experience and product knowledge during or post call.

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Improving customer experience by eliminating extended phone call waiting times by giving callers the option to receive a call back.

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A fun, interactive way to engage and entertain waiting callers while gathering the phone caller’s data.

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Providing a valuable management tool to illustrate key data regarding the on-hold occurrences within a business.


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Encouraging positive customer engagement by letting callers listen to a podcast while they wait on hold.

Captivate’s on hold phone call-waiting technology has successfully developed into innovative and interactive service offerings for businesses. A significant improvement from the original, poor quality phone audio that would loop the same, boring audio, with little to no extra features, every time a customer phoning your business/organization is put on hold. Using the latest cloud based virtual servers, we work with most telcos worldwide to quickly implement phone call-waiting services for our satisfied clients to improve phone callers’ customer experience.

Our new phone messaging technology and phone audio technology advancements have improved customer experience since it was first introduced in 1962. Developing and transforming into a fresh, interactive phone service for business improvement around the world; a significant improvement from the original, poor quality phone audio.

Phone Captivate Connect’s concierge to discuss which phone technology services are on free trial this month for businesses using the ubiquitous (under different brands by telcos in different countries) Broadsoft’s hosted phone system platform. Captivate is an official Broadsoft partner. For business improvement ideas, get your business/office manager to see the list above of phone technology options. Our phone services are affordable, quick and easy to implement and manage, informative, educational, promotional and entertaining