July 5, 2018

Phone Stats Reports


Management requires phone call stats upon which to base decisions. Often suppliers make spurious claims of numbers and results however only Captivate can provide the accurate phone call stats:

  1. on phone call numbers placed on hold,
  2. call wait duration times in total and by phone handset or user
  3. maximum call wait times
  4. busiest time of day or day of week.

Captivate Connect’s accurate, free phone call statistical analysis reports are presented in summary form for all clients and sample reports to prospective clients. Contact us for your free Australian phone call stats reports.
The data allows us to recommend the best solutions to the business and to benchmark your phone call waiting times against others in your industry category globally.
Other analytics such as caller preferences comparing the boring carrier supplied music on hold to  messages  to Jukebox  to  Quiz and TEXT A Brochure are available to customers.

Average On Hold Phone Call Waiting TimeTotal on hold Phone Call Waiting Time StatsOn hold phone call duration stats

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