July 3, 2018

Phone Customer Survey, Subtle Market Research by Phone


The voice of the customer is the best tool by which to judge the success or otherwise of a business marketing campaign, service or contact center interaction. With the rapidly falling responses to customer surveys, business is looking for new and innovative ways to record the Voice of the Customer.

Phone Customer SurveyThe success of Survey Monkey and suchlike has enabled all levels of business to conduct surveys which have overburdened the public with survey after survey. Time poor customers are limiting the number of surveys they do without being compensated for their time.

Captivate Connect provide a phone voice survey module that can be run during the phone call waiting time or while their phone call is ‘on hold. Hence we are not asking for any additional time of the customer, merely utilizing the time previously wasted listening to boring and repetitious muzak or ads.

The market research by phone survey can be conducted mid phone call, before connection or if you prefer to monitor the contact center service delivery – at the end of the phone call.

Captivate Connect has expertise in the design of the market research surveys and will always keep phone surveys short so customers do not tire of responding. We write the survey, record the question(s), upload it into the phone system and switch it off and on as requested.

The market research phone survey results are compiled and are sent to your business weekly by email.

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