Phone Survey


Captivate Connect's Phone Survey feature allows a business to conduct any survey during the on hold call wait time. An effective tool as no additional customer time is used, the business merely utilizes time previously wasted on hold. While the phone survey is most effective before connection, it can be conducted at the end of the phone call. For example, monitoring the contact center service delivery, a survey after connection would be more beneficial.


Captivate Connect are experts in designing market research surveys that customers do not tire of responding. After collaboration, we will write, record, and upload the question(s) and manage the system as instructed by the business.

The market research phone survey results are compiled and sent to your business weekly via email.

Phone Survey Process
Phone Survey VoC


The Voice of the Customer determines the success of a marketing campaign, service quality and/or product functionality. As customer survey responses are rapidly declining, businesses are looking for new methods to help understand their customers.

With the popularity of software like Survey Monkey, businesses have overburdened the public with survey after survey. Customers are limiting the number of surveys they complete as they aren't being compensated for their time.