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Mark Horwood is the founder and CEO of Captivate Connect. Mark started the business in 1986 and has been a leader in developing new and innovative technology for Business ever since. Having patented the Message Output Controller across the world, the focus has been on improving Customer Experience. In 2001, Mark and his team developed web-based audio distribution software which delivered new audio files to offices across the street, the country and the world in 30 minutes. This was way ahead of time. More recently, Mark has focussed on working with Cisco and Microsoft to enhance their Hosted phone systems.

The favourite part of your job?

Guiding the very talented team at Captivate Connect and developing new relationships with Telcos around the world.

What you love about working at Captivate?

Being in a team of young IT savvy, tech developers. It ensures I’m always on top of digital technology; technology that didn’t exist when I went to University.

What you’re passionate about?

Helping our global customers and partners to envisage the new tech that puts them ahead of their competitors.

Describe yourself in one word…