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Lawrence is a tech-oriented individual that fell in love with computers and technology from an early age. Lawrence has experience in customer support, service, installation, repair and basic software development. Meaning, if an issue can be solved, resolved or fixed, he’ll always find a way. What sets him apart is his unconventional solutions to problems as well as a deep understanding of any situation with just the fundamental knowledge and a web browser for research. He prefers to solve problems head-on. When Lawrence is not working or tinkering with something, he’s spending time with his family, playing games or watching anything Sci-Fi related.

The favourite part of your job?

It’s rarely the same, whether it be trying to figure out a solution to a customer’s problem, working on installing our solution onsite, or helping out around the office, no one day is the same as another. Such is the way with IT. I’ll wake up in the morning and never know what the day holds.

What you love about working at Captivate?

Not a corporate structure and no micromanagement. We all work to our strengths to make sure our customers are happy, the business keeps running and we evolve and succeed as a company. Sometimes the responsibility can be overwhelming but overall when it works out it can be very rewarding overall.

What you’re passionate about?

Technology, Open Source Software, Gaming (mainly Simulation, SciFi or Story-driven) and solving problems.

Describe yourself in one word…