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Amber has been Captivate Connect’s Studio Manager since early 2019, working in the studio to create all of Captivate’s client audio and video files. Amber completed a Bachelor of Communications in Broadcasting in 2015 and has over 10 years’ experience in broadcasting and audio production.  She is also one of Captivate Connect’s voice-over artists and has lent her voice to many different projects including advertisements, podcasts, radio, video games, etc. She is an imaginative and artistic person who always strives to make something unique and effective.

The favourite part of your job?

Being given the freedom to create and explore all different types of content and to think outside of the box. I am always encouraged to further develop my production skills to help me always create fresh content for us and our customers

What you love about working at Captivate?

Being apart of a small team that all have their own individual strengths and personality, that we each have an important role to play to supply the best products for our clients

What you’re passionate about?

I am passionate about local arts, be it visual or performance art (You will always see me out and about during Fringe World) I am passionate about video games which I spend far too much time playing (I could have learnt a 2nd language instead).  Most of all I am very passionate about spending time inside with my two cats and my partner Andy.

Describe yourself in one word…