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Mark Horwood


Mark Horwood is the founder and CEO of Captivate Connect. Mark started the business in 1986 and has been a leader in developing new and...

Shayne Carvey

Business Development Manager

Shayne joined Captivate Connect in 2020 and has a strong background in new media, content, emerging technologies and services.

Peter Horwood

Account Manager

Peter has been an Account Manager with Captivate Connect since 2013 and continues to develop many close relationships with...

Aurea Kelly

Marketing Manager

Aurea completed her double degree in Marketing and Public relations in 2017 and since March 2018, has been working as...

Lawrence Bayly

ICT Manager

Lawrence is a tech-oriented individual that fell in love with computers and technology from an early age. Lawrence has experience...

Amber Collins

Studio Manager

Amber has been Captivate Connect’s Studio Manager since early 2019, working in the studio to create all of Captivate's client...

Janet Harrison

Finance Manager

Janet trained as Comptometer Operator some years ago in London, from there she progressed through various bookkeeping...

Ray McLellan

SA Sales Manager

Ray is an easy-going, family-oriented person who interacts well with everyone who crosses his path. Following a successful career as a...

Lynda McLellan

SA Support Manager

Lynda left her career as a Quality Management Systems Coordinator at a large oil refinery, to join Captivate OnHold as the national Admin...

Staci Clary

USA Sales Manager

Staci's energy is high, which is positively contagious to her family of five, two dogs, co-workers, and clients. She loves the outdoors...