Captivate Connect was established in 1986 by pioneer and CEO, Mark Horwood, in Perth, Western Australia.


Plug-ins, key station, and PABX systems were first to storm onto the market. The technological advances introducing built-in on-hold audio.

After a few years of Greensleeves chimes came the introduction of radio audio. However, businesses realized the radio was playing their competitors advertisements during their phone audio. Captivate was one of the only companies around to replace these radio feeds with ads for their business – an innovative and exciting time for the company and their clients.

1999 rolled around and Mark engaged an Advertising agency to conduct market research into consumer attitudes towards different service providers. The results; a surprising revelation. Results discovered Captivate rated equal top among other, much larger, organisations. However, the industry was rated poorly. With being identified as providing a boring, repetitive and never changing service.

A critical point in Captivates’ history. Mark had to decide whether to close the doors or create a solution. With having always risen to life’s challenges, Mark committed to finding a solution.

The next year play witness to Mark and his team constantly testing new, innovative products and ideas. Yet, still, nothing seemed to be impressing callers. An epiphany occurred! By adopting a similar concept used by ad agencies, the team introduced current news headlines, weather forecasts, and sports news.

Slotting between the businesses promotional messages and updating daily. Thus creating phone audio that was interesting, updated and current.

Jump forward a few years, the world is greeting the 21st century and Australia is welcoming the internet to its shores. The technological phenomenon drove Mark to appoint an IT consultant to develop software that allows clients to automatically pull down and update their audio files from Captivate’s central server.

In 2011, a Telstra engineer approached the company seeking a solution for their phone audio. Telstra discovered their phone audio always started from the beginning every time a caller was placed on hold or transferred. After 2 years of hard work, research and development, and testing, Captivate Connect created the solution. Now, the world’s biggest telecommunication companies are now all dealing with Captivate Connect for their phone audio requirements.

Captivate Connect still remains at the forefront of technology in the delivery of broadcast standard audio, music and data content. Audio content is continuously tested and measured for effectiveness and relevance while the unique internet-based delivery enables rapid updates with no user intervention. Captivate‘s software integrates seamlessly with multi-line phone systems, analog, digital or VoIP platforms, enabling services to corporate and government entities, call centers and small to medium enterprises.

For over 20 years, Captivate Connect is still Australian owned and supplying thousands of customers with dynamic phone audio services. Since inception, the company has seen major growth, expanding into North America, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, South America and New Zealand.