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Do most of your business on the phone? Our cloud-based hosted telephony (VoIP) solutions allow businesses to make and receive calls using the internet. Unlimited scalability allows your business to grow with no bounds and the added flexibility allows your telephony solution to change as needed.
Office Phone

Need a multiple user package?


cloud-basedCaptivate Essential

Is cloud-based hosted telephony solutions (VoIP) essential to your business or startup? It will be. Get started with the Captivate Essential plan from only $25 per month. To talk to one of our cloud-based specialists, simply call (08) 9368 7514.

cloud-basedCaptivate Premium

For businesses needing that little bit more, Captivate Premium is just that. With extra features helping customise your call flow, your business will reap the rewards with the improved efficiency of a tailored cloud-based solution.

cloud-basedCaptivate Unified Communicator

Why confine your business to an office space? In today's fast moving digital world mobility is the key to flexibility, productivity and continuity on the move. When it’s a question of mobility, Captivate Unified Communicator is the answer.

Single User

The single user package is suited for small businesses who are looking for a basic phone solution.