Captivate Connect's Messages On Hold technology enables instant uploads, quick changes and simple removal of messages. Content is uploaded from a central location to eliminate the need for businesses to rely on employees changing audio, emailing files, and post DVDs or USB's. With multiple servers across the world, our service will suit small, medium, large and international businesses a like.

The call wait messages are interspersed with music to create a unique call experience. Captivate Connect will collaborate with you to ensure your messages inform, educate and entertain waiting callers.


Create personalized messages to update callers on products and services, latest promotions, and events.

Listen to the demo below to hear how you can inform your callers today!

Brand Specific Message On Hold
Schedule Message On Hold


Schedule messages in advance to ensure they align with your marketing strategy. Plan your holiday season greeting, upcoming promotional content or product launch audio to begin and end at set times and dates.

Listen to the demo below to hear an example of a message your business can schedule.

Professional Voice Over Talent

Transform your voice over need into a reality with Captivate Connect's professional voice over service.

Captivate Connect supplies clients with high-quality voice over audio that is on brief, on time, and within budget. We will also simplify the management process by writing, producing and managing all voice over scripts for you.

Explore our collection of voice over artists now to hear your next sound.

Message On Hold Voice Overs