January 9, 2019


December 13, 2018


After conversing with business people, mainly from the United States and Australia, it has become clear that companies, globally, are beginning to build an arc to ride the tidal wave that is Customer Experience (CX).

Research conducted by Gartner tells us that approximately 80% of the Fortune 500 Companies now have a senior Vice President of Customer Experience.

We are all aware that the effectiveness of advertising is diminishing by the day as using ad-blocker software is becoming the norm. And we know that trailblazers don’t follow the well-worn path but venture out to where no-one has yet been; creating their own trail. So, with Customer Experience quickly becoming the battleground for business success, why not create or follow the path that leads your business adopting, implementing and believing in the influence of CX.

You may be thinking that CX is simply delivering a better customer service to your customer. But this isn’t the case; customer service is merely a block that builds the foundation to delivering exceptional CX! The overarching aim of improving Customer Experience entails a business evoking emotion within customers at every touch point with the company.

Imagine you are at your local diner. The waitress provides great customer service by continuously refilling your coffee cup when it is empty. Great customer service, yes, but a service the customer is accustom to due to receiving it every time, leading to an experience that was just like any other. While delivering great customer service is attributed to satisfied customers; delivering customers an exceptional experience they don’t expect will establish loyal, brand ambassadors. Customers will always remember and reflect on the entire experience. Therefore, it no longer becomes about the efficiency or quantum of coffee consumed but the memory created and the emotional connection to the company made.

As part of my contribution to my community I volunteer as Santa Claus, visiting numerous events to spread the joy of Christmas. One of the greatest parts of my volunteer work is when I get to dress up as the ‘real’ Santa to spread Christmas cheer to children in the Cancer Ward at the Children’s Hospital. Now, there is no money changing hands or tangible service being provided other than someone wanting to genuinely deliver an experience that exceeds all expectations; an experience that creates a memory that will be remembered for years to come.

Are you feeling the first ripple of CX coming? We can feel it!

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