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Customer Experience – 2018’s Competitive Battleground for Businesses

What constitutes good customer experience (CX)? Is it simply a new name for good old-fashioned customer service? The simple answer is...Read More

BroadSoft Guest Blog

CEO Mark Horwood elaborates on the three primary customer touch points into a business

Businesses dedicate time and money to receptions or storefronts and websites, but one increasingly important entry point remains unaddressed...

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Humanising Technology – the Changing Landscape of CX

Research has shown that whilst the number of calls into businesses are decreasing the value of the calls are increasing exponentially...Read More

BroadSoft Guest Blog

CEO Mark Horwood shares his thoughts with BroadSoft on improving the customer experience through the right mix of telephony enhancement products.

"Less than one percent of customer experience budgets are spent on the telephony channel despite the fact that 33% of business is done on the phone".Read More

USA Weekly:

CEO Mark Horwood has been interviewed on the challenges of running a global business:

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small.

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Telco Solutions:

CEO Mark Horwood has appeared in this thought leader piece discussing the future of AI: 

To succeed, today’s contact center must be hyper-efficient; with every possible metric, output and deliverable enumerated, analyzed and optimized. 

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Telco Solutions:

CEO Mark Horwood has appeared in this thought piece about how new technology will impact internet connectivity 

The internet connectivity market is changing fast. Looking ahead to 2018, there will be some interesting trends that continue, but new technology will have the biggest impact on the internet connectivity landscape.

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News from Captivate

Captivate Connect’s global roadshow kicks off ...

Captivate Connect’s CEO Mark Horwood is undertaking a roadshow around the UK and America – meeting with clients and prospective clients to enhance their caller experience and customer engagement.

This week he is meeting with VanillaIP - a leading UK provider of real-time, integrated communication solutions in the Cloud and Vodafone Europe Management.

As Mark explains it’s all about offering customers choice. “Enabling customers to choose their own music, or play a game, gives control back to the consumer in an era where it is all about the age of the customer,” he said.

“By connecting a call-back solution, customers can choose to receive a call when an agent is free, which reduces abandonment rates and gives customers back what they value most – their time,” Mark said.

SMS Me a Brochure is also proving to be a popular tool.  When a waiting caller is offered an opportunity to learn more about a product or service while waiting, many grab the opportunity.

 “Captivate Connect SMS Me a Brochure invites the waiting caller to enter their mobile number while they are waiting to receive a link to the brochure of the product they may be interested in,” he said.

Mark also had the opportunity to meet with Amanda Murphy MBE, the founder and proprietrix of Teddy Exports, earlier this week.

Amanda runs a charity which employs  more than 650 workers with a turnover of several million US dollars annually. Teddy Exports has been producing a wide range of a textiles and wooden products satisfying the needs of the international market and domestic market, with the profits spent through Teddy Trust, a registered charity for innovative and meaningful solutions to the underprivileged communities around Thirumangala in India.

“It was really exciting to meet with Amanda and look at how Captivate Connect could assist".

“Part of our discussion was around ways we could work together to eradicate leprosy in India through offering education to identify and detect early cases of leprosy and support services for communities,” he said.

Mark travels to New Jersey in America on May 13.

If you would like to speak to Mark about how to enhance your company’s customer experience, or organise a meeting with him, please contact him at

Amazon, Telstra, Centreline, Call Waiting Times

Recent press surrounding Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos testing out his company’s on hold services, only to be left waiting for close to five minutes for his call to be answered – and Telstra, iiNet, Qantas and The Department of Human Services getting slammed for excessive call wait times of over an hour – highlights the urgency for companies to significantly improve its customer experience. As a first point of call, the most powerful marketing tool is customer feedback – and if you have left a customer waiting on hold, don’t expect the response to be great.

 While Centrelink has reported it has recruited 1000 new staff to reduce its wait times – this will not solve the long-term problem. Offering your customer options while they wait on hold to decrease boredom and frustration is key, according to Captivate Connect CEO, Mark Horwood.

As Mark explains it’s all about offering customers choice. “Enabling customers to choose their own music, or play a game, gives control back to the consumer in an era where it is all about the age of the customer,” he said.

 Working with BroadSoft, Captivate Connect has developed the most advanced suite of customer experience enhancement products on the BroadWorks platform. It is this framework which encourages developers to provide the most sophisticated enhancements which benefit the business and the consumer. These products include the first of its kind Captivate Jukebox which allows callers to choose their own music range or genre style and the Voice Analysis combined with the Voice IVR which builds a profile of the inbound caller – to help fast-track their wait time and get them to the right area quicker.

 Mark said he was committed to solve Telstra, iiNet, Qantas, The Department of Human Services and Centrelink’s on hold issues and  fly across to the other side of the world to fix Amazons on hold problems in 21 days or it is FREE.

 To find out more about Captivate’s CX packages please click here:

Mark Horwood
CEO, Captivate Connect

Video On Hold - 

Interview with Mark Horwood on the latest in call center functionality:

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