5 Reasons to Select In-Store Radio


Custom Playlists

Elevate the store atmosphere with a custom playlist. Play the music customers want to hear and the current product promotions to help improve customer experience, drive brand promotion and increase sales.

Message Scheduling

Schedule promotional messages to play by the time of day, the day of the week or for a set period. Poviding marketers and business owners unprecedented access to the latest in audio promotion technology.

Legal Music

Captivate Connect has been in close collaboration with international producers who recently granted the team the legal music license to utilize their 1700+ royalty free tracks for our in-store radio.

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Utilizing cloud-based technology to upload content for multiple locations, worldwide, automatically and instantaneously from our central location. Forget emailing files, posting DVDs and USB sticks or relying on employees.

Easy Management

Captivate Connect makes managing your in-store radio an easy and cost-effective process. Simply provide the team with direction and they will script, produce and upload all the content upon your approval.