5 Reasons to Select Digital Signage



Captivate Connect's Digital Signage is a flexible, easy, and real-time publishing service with low operational costs. Simply update multiple screens worldwide, from a central location, instantly.


The Digital Signage platform allows users to connect to a variety of hardware devices using all recent versions of iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.


Schedule information to be displayed by the time of day, the day of the week or for a set period, automatically, as dynamic data integration is supported natively.

Brand Promotion

Select to display adverts, promotional services or the businesses corporate social responsibility on your screens. Digital Signage is a tool to help businesses increase brand awareness and promote services to ensure customers are well-informed prior to engagement.

Easily Manageable

Captivate Connect makes managing your digital signage a simple and quick process. The fast deployment capabilities truly utilize the scalability of your digital signage network with the drag and drop option providing complete intuitive control.