“Corporate Social Responsibility is more than simply writing a check for a charity.”

– Mark Horwood


Captivate Connect‘s CEO, Mark Horwood is the founder and deputy chairman of the not-for-profit organisation, Global Hand Charity. Global Hand was established as a Rotary World Community Service Project in Laos 2011, providing people living in remote villages with:

  • Hearing and visual aids.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Educational material.
  • Newly built schools.

Mark’s dedication to assisting the humanitarian efforts in these villages has seen him travel to Laos on seven separate occasions.



A trip to Vietnam in early 2018 was both educational and eye-opening for Mark.

The experience unveiling the conditions of individuals suffering from leprosy, instilling a sense of determination in Mark. With the World Health Organization (WHO), Mark is working to gain approval for Global Hand Charity to become an accredited non-government organisation (NGO) in Vietnam.

Mark is committed to working with WHO and other NGO’s to eradicate leprosy in Vietnam and worldwide.




Global Hand Charity provides prescription glasses to remote Sri Lanka for only $2 and a set of school library books for $1,000. Due to not having any staff or overhead costs, all cash donations go directly to assisting people in need.

As well as fundraising, Mark provides aid to those suffering from poverty and disease all around the world. Recently, providing a water filtration plant for an entire village in remote Vietnam for the supply of clean drinking. He travels overseas annually to volunteer and helps manage teams of volunteers, claiming that the benefits outweigh simply writing a cheque.


The Annual Rotary Community Ramble is a charity event held in Perth, Western Australia to help raise money for local charities.

Working with the Rotary Club of Mill Point and support from the City of Perth, Mark helps coordinate and manage the event; seeing over $400,000 raised since 2014.

This year, the money raised was donated to the Ronald McDonald House. An incredible not-for-profit organisation that provides accommodation for regional Western Australian families with sick children receiving treatment in Perth.