Captivate Connect's Call Back solution is boosting productivity and enhancing the on hold experience. The feature responds to the growing trend of time-poor consumers and demand for a more efficient on hold service.

Customers waiting in prolonged on hold queues is costly; prompts negativity; and causes ineffective handle times. Implementing our solution will successfully reduce business inefficiency, eliminate lengthy wait times, and encourage a positive experience.

Call Back Solution

Call Back Benefits

Increase Net Promoter Score

Reduce Costs

Increase Employee Efficiency

Data Retrieval

Reduce Abandoned Call Rates

Customer Satisfaction

Increase Brand Loyalty

Automated Process

How It Works

Prior to implementation, we will collaborate to introduce the solution at the opportune time; for example, after 2 minutes. The waiting individual will have the freedom to select the Call Back solution or continue to remain on hold.

If the solution is selected, the caller simply leaves their name, number and inquiry details after the message prompt. The copy of the audio is instantly sent to an elected email address for the business to action as soon as possible.