June 28, 2018

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New Call Back Phone Service

For busy businesses and call centers to improve business phone communications. Captivate’s Call Me Back phone service is a quick and easy way to keep your clients happy and engaged when they can’t get through by phone to your business. No need for business phone callers to sit on the phone call waiting to be connected. We have developed a way to help your clients stay productive without having to waste their time hanging onto a phone or worse hanging up, frustrated with the poor phone communications of your business.
People get tired of having to wait on hold for long periods of time. Everyone today is busy and they are looking for better ways to use their time. Waiting on the phone can be costly, frustrating, unproductive, and often annoying. Keeping your phone callers waiting too long is NOT good for you, your business or your customers!Phone Call Back Service Australia


Our phone call back service allows your clients to leave a name and phone number, then get off the phone and back to work. Our phone call back technology automates delivery of the client’s name and number to a nominated individual in your company who can phone customers back.

You pay for the call. Not your customer. That’s got to make them happier. You phone back, talk to the client. Then you and your client get straight back to work with minimal wasted time and effort.


If you’re a practice manager, office manager or communications manager/consultant then please contact us for more information about our automated, call back phone service. It’ll help you present a B2C case to your general manager and CFO of this affordable, worthwhile business communications improvement strategy for improving phone in customer experiences.


This call back message script was written by the Captivate Connect, voice-over copywriter and produced by Captivate's expert sound engineer in Captivate's Australian sound recording studio. With offices world wide we can produce voice over messages for your call back service in American accent, English accent, South African accent, or just about any accent.


The investment price of our Call Me Back phone service is $650 plus $1 per call back. The unique call back script writing for your business, voice-over talent and phone message audio production is included free in the set-up price of our phone call back services.


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