5 Phone Audio On-hold Before Before Buying

Ask 5 things about phone audio on-hold before buying it. Price is not the only consideration

  1. What is the investment price of phone audio on hold? A simple question but in many cases there is no simple answer. Push until you get an answer.
  2. How often can I change my phone on-hold messages? You don’t want out of date information being fed to your phone call waiting messages.
  3. Do you have a way of keeping my on hold phone audio sounding fresh without using up all my changes? Not really an issue if you have unlimited changes, but why pay for unlimited when there are simpler, better and cheaper phone call waiting options.
  4. Will it work with a voip phone system? Very important because some voip systems are very difficult to interface with. Find out up front if there will be VoIP softphone issues.
  5. If I need to change a message quickly, how fast can you do it and will it cost me extra?  If they can’t make a change the same day or less, move on.

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